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How to Monetize Your Blog Without Ads

How bloggers made six figures without putting a single ad on their site.

You’ve put the work in, you have created a great blog, and have attracted a loyal audience everybody loves your writing and you have zero money in the banks to show for it.

Like and shares are nice, but when you have mortgages and college funds and vacation plans, money usually pays for those more effectively.

You might think that putting ads on your site is the only way to monetize but there are a lot of potential downsides.

  • Ads dilute your brand.
  • Ads distract your readers.
  • Ads kill conversions.
  • Ads increase your load time.
  • Ads ruin your trust factor.

When you’ve put all this time and effort into building equity with your audience, how can you generate revenue without selling them out?

There may have been a time where Adsense made sense for monetizing your blog, these days if you wanted to make $100,000 annually on your blog, you’d need about 20000 visitors every day.

So, let’s look at

6 Ways To Monetize Blog Without Ads

  1. Sponsored blog posts and Product review

When you are looking to leverage your blog, you can look for Companies that will pay you to either write a sponsored post about a relevant topic, including a link to their site or review one of their products and services in your article.

The better you are at promoting sponsored posts, and the more consistent you are at churning them out the better your paycheck will be.

  1. Partnering up with Affiliates

Just like sponsored posts, you’re finding companies that match your audience. But here, you’re paid a commission every time one of your readers purchases their product from one of your blog links.

This is a slippery slope, as you don’t want to spam your own audience.

If you want to keep your integrity high and your reputation unscathed, make sure your affiliate partner sells products and services that your audience actually cares about.

Ask yourself honestly: will your audience benefit from your affiliate’s offer?

Maintaining the trust of your audience is key, and it’s also a legal requirement to disclose any affiliate links in your blogs.

Affiliate marketing is a multibillion-dollar global industry, so yeah there’s money to be had. And unlike paid ads, 76% of blog publishers say affiliate program makes monetizing super easy, and 45% claim it doesn’t disrupt the user experience.

  1. Productize your expertise

Productize your expertise and sell a digital download on your site. It’s not a giant time sink, because you do most of the work on the front end.

Once the file exists for sale, most of the work is done and you just have to maintain your marketing.

There are a lot of different products you could make, like a “how to” manual, canva templates, and even flashcards. No matter what you make it always needs one common theme: they make your targets’ lives easier.

Just like your blog exists to solve people’s problems, so should your digital download. As for pricing it, there are no hard and fast rules.

If you’ve found that people really value your expertise then maybe it’s time to package it all up in the form of an online course and our next way to monetize our blog is an online course.

  1. Create an online course

The market for E-learning is on fire right now, valued at $190 billion globally last year, and anticipated to grow beyond $300 billion by 2025.

If you need to figure out what to focus on, choose the topic that combines your passion with your copywriting expertise and has profit potential.

Once you have a topic that excites you validate, validate, validate. Check with your audience to see if the course topic is something they’d want to both learn and pay for.

You don’t have to interview every single person face-to-face use the internet to your advantage and post about it on

  • Social channel
  • DM People
  • Email your list
  • Run a poll or survey
  • Make phone calls
  • Engage in conversations on forums and groups
  • Read Amazon reviews

The more you grow in your blogging carrier, the more you can grow your income from online courses.

But maybe you don’t think you’re enough of an expert for a whole course. Or maybe you don’t have time, energy, or resources to pull a project that big together, In that case, you can sell eBooks.

  1. EBooks

The global eBooks market is expected to grow by over 14 billion in revenue in 2023. We have seen eBooks on everything from marketing for developers to cooking vegan meals.

 So create an eBook on the topic in which you have the expertise and sell it, and for quoting a price as mentioned earlier there are no hard and fast rules.

Sell your eBook on your site, and keep all the profit, or sell it through Amazon, leverage their traffic, but be ready to give back some of your revenue as a result.

  1. Consulting

Another way to monetize your blog without Adsense is through consulting. Become an expert In a particular topic in which you are interested and start consulting.

Consulting means having a more personal interaction with your clients. You can use your blogging platform to conduct online one-on-one consultations or to assist your customer in developing a strategy.


There are many ways to monetize your blog without ads. You can promote affiliate products, sell digital products, or offer consulting services. You can also try to build an influence and sell sponsored posts. If you have a loyal audience, you can also create an online course and sell it. Whatever method you choose, make sure it aligns with your brand and audience.

If you commit to building an audience of loyal followers, there are a lot of great ways to leverage them to create additional revenue all the while still giving them great value.

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