All you need to know about SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION.

What is Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing your website to get organic and free traffic from the search engine result pages.

SEO is free, once you start ranking you pay nothing to receive clicks from search engines Google choose to rank your website because it helps them provide value to their users just think about this why do you use Google you most likely use it to find answers to your questions and solutions to your problems, but why do you use Google over Yahoo, Bing, Aol, etc is likely because Google provides better answers and solutions to your problem and questions.

If you focus on providing the best answer and solutions to the search query related to your business then you are very likely to succeed at SEO for your business.

If you wanna rank above your competitor on Google your content need to be accessible and useful. Now the trick is that those words “accessible” and “useful” are very subjective and are ultimately determent by Google’s algorithm and that’s the trickiest part of SEO, Google has not and likely will not disclose their algorithm fully to the public.

Why Search Engine Optimization is Important

There are endless benefits of SEO, but no one can deny These major reasons why every business needs to utilize SEO.

  • Your customer is searching for business solutions on Google.

When your customer needs to find a solution to a problem 9 times out of 10 they will start their search on google, whether they are looking for an architect, plumber, web developer, and so on they are likely going to start their search on google therefore if your business cannot be found on google not only are you missing out on free traffic but you also missing out on leads.

The truth is there are over 5 billion searches on Google every single day and over 3 million searches every single minute if you think no people are looking for your solution on google have to tell you, you are wrong even if you are coming out with the next big thing there are still likely people searching for information around the problem your innovative solution solves.

  • Search Engine Optimization traffic is more likely to convert than the other sources.

Who do you think is more likely to buy from you, someone who imposively clicks on your ad or someone who is actively searching for a business like yours, more times or not the person who is active in a market, searching for a solution is more likely to pull the trigger on a big purchase faster than someone curious to learn more about your business after seeing an ad. 

Small businesses are currently reporting higher conversion rates from SEO traffic than they are from other traffic sources like direct mail and paid advertising. if you want a high conversion rate from your digital marketing SEO should be at top of your list.

  • Search Engine Optimization will decrease your customer acquisition cost.

The biggest reason why people choose not to invest in SEO is Because SEO takes at least  6 – 12 months to be effective.

This means you will not get results tomorrow, next week, next month, or even next quarter and unfortunately, this single facts run people away. They literally run away from free traffic ready-to-go leads in the lowest customer acquisition cost available on the internet. 

The reason why it takes months for SEO to work is because it takes time to set up your website correctly for SEO, and it takes time for Google to identify that your website is useful to its users.

It takes the right strategy, discipline, and patience to be successful at SEO and if I have to be brutally honest with you these are the traits you need to be successful at almost anything.

The alternative to a long-term strategy like SEO is to join the rat race of advertisers who are completing the most to acquire customers. As competition rises and cost per click rises you gonna have to increase your prices to afford those higher acquisition costs or drop out of the rat race together.

These strategies are great for the short term but if you are in a business for the long haul you need to invest in long-term strategies like SEO as soon as you can, so you can reap those benefits faster. 

12 months will fly by and you will either be in a better position than you are today or in the same position, it is your choice.

How to Get Started with Search Engine Optimization

  • Determine the keywords You want to rank for.

The very first step in SEO is determining the keywords you want to rank for on google. you should choose keywords based on words relevant to your business, volume, and competitiveness

Relevant words are simply words that are related to your product and services. If you are ranking for words that drive traffic to your website but do not motivate people to purchase your product or services you end up with a bunch of traffic and no result.

So choose your keywords carefully based on the buyer’s intent. you also make sure that the words you wish to rank for are actually been searched on google.

you can simply use a tool like Google keyword planner to look at your search volume and competitiveness.

  • Help Google understand your website.

This process is called on-page SEO in short you need to tell google that you have the answers to the keywords people are searching for. You can do this by adding keywords to your website title, description, content, title tag, and google tag.

  • Help google trust your website.

Just because Google understands your website doesn’t mean it trusts you for example they can fully interpret your website and place you on page 99 and because 99 percent of people don’t click past page one of the search result you will probably not going to get any traffic once your site is indexed.

To push your website up to search engines you gonna have to demonstrate that your website is trustworthy.

The last thing Google wants to do is to send their users to bad websites and the newer the website is the more work you gonna have to do to earn their trust.

In SEO we measure this trust by domain authority. The higher the authority of your website the more likely you going to rank once google indexes your website.

To improve your domain authority you need to produce signals that show that your website is useful to the users. The simplest way to do this is to provide a great user experience and choose the best hosting service so that website can load fast.

Make sure that your website is easy to navigate, loads quickly and above all, it is valuable to the users. Google looks at website matrices like click-through rate, time on site, bounce rate, and so on to determine that your website is useful to the user.

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